"And I have found both freedom and safety in my madness, the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us. But let me not be too proud of my safety. Even a Thief in a jail is safe from another thief. "

Khalil Gibran (How I Became a Madman)



Saturday, April 02, 2016

Armed Clashes Renew in Ain el-Hilweh- Nahatnet

Armed clashes renewed Saturday morning at the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Sidon after heavy clashes erupted overnight leaving one person killed and several others wounded, the National News Agency reported.
NNA said that sniper operations were also heard in al-Braxat and al-Sifsaf neighborhoods and that two members of the Joint Palestinian Security Force were wounded.
Later during the day a group of activists who gathered in an area close to the clashes to press for a ceasefire came under fire. As a a result a Palestinian, Siraj Shreidi, was wounded and taken to hospital
Heavy clashes erupted on Friday at the camp with the sounds of heavy gunfire and RPG blasts echoing across the camp.
Hussein Othman from the Fatah Movement was killed in the fighting and seven people were injured including two members of the Joint Palestinian Security Forces.