"And I have found both freedom and safety in my madness, the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us. But let me not be too proud of my safety. Even a Thief in a jail is safe from another thief. "

Khalil Gibran (How I Became a Madman)



Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jumblat Discusses Developments with Hariri at Center House- Naharnet

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat held talks Wednesday evening at the Center House with al-Mustaqbal Movement leader ex-PM Saad Hariri.
A terse statement issued by Hariri's office said the meeting tackled “the current political developments” and was followed by a dinner banquet.
Health Minister Wael Abou Faour of the PSP and Hariri's adviser ex-MP Ghattas Khoury took part in the talks, the statement said.
Earlier in the day, Hariri held talks with Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel in Saifi and Bikfaya.
A wave of speculation had preceded the 45th presidential vote session that was held earlier on Wednesday after Hariri's return to Lebanon on Saturday triggered a flurry of rumors and media reports that the ex-PM had finally decided to endorse Free Patriotic Movement founder MP Michel Aoun for the presidency in a bid to break the deadlock.